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I’m BACK with a NEW Website!

I’m back.

I let go of my blog for a few months when it came time to renew my hosting. It was in the midst of a bit of an adventure. To recap since I really haven’t written much about my personal life since the end of 2018 – the winter was so brutal in Wisconsin, I ended up flying down to Nashville and extending my stay by a month and a half. I went down there thinking I may have built my love up for it just from memories and being in the hospital for so long. Turns out, I still love it. I’m more in love with Tennessee than I was before.

In my time there, I not only grew closer to my friends that I already have, but I met even more people, maybe sorta (really) started loving a boy, and we became one big family. It took a lot to get on the airplane to come back to a (very cold) Wisconsin. Where it proceeded to snow a couple more times and didn’t warm up until this week (June 3rd). It’s been such an awful winter up here and it only makes Tennessee all the more appealing. I’m putting this up on June 17th and it hasn’t warmed up. Father’s Day was 55 degrees. Yeah, I’m moving south.

The website will take a while to rebuild, but I thought it’d be nice to at least start posting again while I work on it – because it’ll never truly ever be done. I’ll always find another way to fix it. I have tons of ideas and instances that happened that I need to discuss, so weekly posts will start happening again. I’ll be working on other projects -cross fingers- to help me earn some income to move (comfortably) to Nashville. I know plenty of people have messaged to ask me about moving. July will be a great month.

I’ll post a better blog post on Wednesday, and even more things on my Instagram and Patreon. I need to get back into good habits. I’m slowly getting there again. Life is pretty great if you stop to enjoy it.

I Have Faith

Faith. I have plenty of it. I’ve had to have plenty of it my entire life… without it, I most likely wouldn’t be alive.

The Definition of Faith

The dictionary definition of faith is “belief that is not based on proof” What does faith mean to me? Faith means everything. It means strength, not weakness and optimism, not fear. Faith is unseen, unproven and cannot be held. It’s not something to be ashamed of, but my belief in things unproven has proven to have a positive effect on my life.

Faith in Cliches

Twenty-Something cliches are my expertise. I pierced my nose, I spent too much on tattoos, I moved 700 miles from home, I moved back home… and recently, I started freelancing. I LOVE freelancing, and I wish I thought of it three years ago. It’s a challenge, but it’s fun. And that’s only my most recent leap of faith. I haven’t even landed from that leap yet, I’m still mid-air hoping that I’ll land on solid ground eventually, but that ground is within reach, and it feels amazing.

Not everything goes as planned, and sometimes (okay, a lot of the time) you’ll fail, but the mistakes are what make a person leap again. There’s no way of knowing that you’ll fall where you want to land, but faith in what you’re doing is the key to your own happiness and it’s up to you to take that leap and go outside of your comfort zone.

No Regrets

I’ve taken a leap so many times and regret none of them. I know the feeling of being terrified, uncertain, unsure of anything, but it’s the key to living life to its fullest with no regrets. I often think about what would happen if I didn’t do x, y or z, and often the conclusion is… life would be pretty boring. Mistakes and risks are what make life worth living. The successes are sweeter. I’m in no way saying make intentional poor choices, but in reality, how is there any way to know what is a poor choice? I have too much faith in my life choices to think my choices are poor, however, I often find myself making a wrong choice before reaching a good choice.

Life Gets Brighter

My faith gets stronger, my hopes and dreams bigger, more clear with every day. Recently, life is brighter, more open to opportunity. Goals are within reach, things I pray for are coming true. It’s all the faith in the last year finally coming to a head, and it’s awesome. Clients of mine inspire me to keep writing, and use this blog as a portfolio.  I plan on being more “scheduled”. I put “scheduled” in quotes because I am bad at schedules, although, I’m getting better at them.

Just Wheel Life

Being yourself should be the easiest thing you do in life. After all, you’re you. But many of us lose ourselves along the way to what we think we want to achieve with our lives. We chase after a dream of fame, fortune, family. Losing yourself is the one thing that we don’t expect and yet we know it happens to everyone.

Weather the Rain

I know around middle school age, I started questioning who I wanted to be when I grew up. By high school, I had a boyfriend and I had this vision of living in the city of Chicago, married to him with two kids before I would turn 25. But guess what, I’m now 25, single and childless and I’m so thankful I didn’t get what I wanted back when I never even had a chance to see what life held for me. I’m so thankful I learned what I had wasn’t what I wanted for the rest of my life. I look back on that now and it’s funny how we don’t get what we want, but we get even better than we imagined most of the time. It doesn’t come without hardship and struggle. The only way to see the sunshine is to weather the rain.


Lessons Learned

If I became who I wanted to be when I was 16 years old, I wouldn’t have known people I know now, and I wouldn’t have experienced all I have experienced. I never could have imagined this life. It is so good. Life has taught me so many lessons – love, faith, adaptation, loss, hardship, and forgiveness. The trials in life are meant to make us stronger, more faithful, really meditate on who we are, and who we want to be. I’ve learned happiness can’t be bought, can’t be given to you by someone else. You create your own happiness. I don’t put too much pressure on someone trying to make me happy. It can turn into the biggest depression.


How I Stay Positive

I tell everyone I meet that I am a very positive person, and I do get comments that I am positive. I’m hardly ever in a bad mood. I have way too much to be thankful for. I’m alive. I’m alive and I’m healthy and I’m so blessed to have a family and clothes and food and my faith. I have faith in the good in people. I see the smallest gestures as positivity and light in the world. It doesn’t take much to just let go of the negative and grasp a little bit of happiness. Nothing is so terribly wrong that I can’t fix it. It takes a bit of patience. We all have bad days and we all make mistakes, but we need to make the mistakes to stay humble. So next time you’re out enjoying the world, smile, say hello to a stranger, you might just make that person’s day with your positive greeting. It shows even when you only utter one single word.