About Me

I’m Samm. I’m just a 20 something woman, a daughter, and a sister. I like risk-taking, music and talking. Ask anyone in my family, I can talk a lot about anything at all. Less importantly, I have Spina Bifida. I say less importantly because that is not what defines me. What defines me is my attitude toward life, my influence on others, and my relationship with God. I just love being a little “Rae of Sunshine”. Optimism goes a long way – it’s the reason I am alive today. Nothing will stop me from living my life. My goal is to help people understand that I AM a person, and I am worthy.


More basics.


I have 3 brothers, 1 sister and a step sister that I love equally (maybe not all equally at the same time) I’m from Wausau, Wisconsin (if you don’t live there, you’re not missing much) I lived my teen years up until I was 22 in Appleton, Wisconsin. I am moving back to Nashville, Tennessee in the near future. I regret nothing, it’s a wonderful city. My love for musical and artistic talent (of which I have none) thrives here.




Sports Team: The Green Bay Packers (is there any other team to be a fan of honestly?)

Food: I like barbecue, cheese, and burgers

Color: yellow. (Again with the whole sunshine thing.

Musician: Johnny Cash. I would’ve been one of those girls in the front row in the late 1950s screaming for him. I’m not lying.

Book: Looking For Alaska. It’s the only book I’ve read more than once. I can read it, finish it close the book, and open to the first page again.

Memory: my favorite memory changes every day. Making new memories is my favorite thing.

Animal: Elephants.

Movie: Titanic. One of these days I’ll watch it and Jack won’t die. It’ll happen. Wait for it. But also Jurassic Park. Because dinosaurs.


If there is anything at all you want to ask me, personal or general, ask. I would rather you ask than to assume.